Griffin Leather Skull Purse and Masks by Brian Griffin

Griffin Leather - Gunny - Leather Skull Purse and Masks by Brian Griffin

Griffin Leather – Gunny – Leather Skull Purse and Masks by Brian Griffin

Griffin Leather produces works of art by Brian Griffin include stylish hand formed leather accessories available exclusively on Griffin Leather.

All products are unique works of art therefore no two pieces are identical due to the nature of the process.  Griffin Leather offerings include the infamous Leather Skull Purse Clutch as well as theatrical costumes featured in many magazines, web articles and motion picture films within recent years.

If you see something you would like with custom enhancements, please contact me directly for a price and time estimate.  Please allow a reasonable amount of time as these are works of art.

Griffin Leather works of art are created with unique hand formed leather techniques where as the leather is formed and tempered to keep its shape.

Expedited works of art are possible and you should please contact me first.  I need to make certain the materials and time to complete your rush order is available.

Griffin Leather offers the Leather Skull Purse clutch and Masks by Brian Griffin

Griffin Leather products ship world wide to most major countries, provinces and domestically to all of North America.

For any product, shipping or custom works or art inquiries please contact Brian Griffin of Griffin Leather directly.

If for any reason there should be a defect in the final product I welcome exchanges for replacements only.  Products are unique works of art and therefore I cannot offer refunds.  This is due to the time, materials and labor costs involved.

Please understand this my passion creating stylish hand formed leather accessories.  Griffin Leather products, customer requests as well as product variations ideas are my daily inspiration.  Please enjoy this site as well as the many offerings from Griffin Leather and works of art by Brian Griffin.

Let us know your thoughts, comments plus suggestions as I welcome criticism, praise and social media sharing.

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