Learn Griffin Leather Company History

Griffin Leather’s company became famous for the Leather Skull Purse Clutch in OxBlood.  Griffin Leather’s Gunny has also become a very popular with many people.  Many of my past and present works can be viewed on GriffinLeather.DeviantArt.com

Griffin Leather company - Gunny - Leather Skull Purse and Masks by Brian Griffin

Griffin Leather company – Gunny – Leather Skull Purse and Masks by Brian Griffin

Griffin Leather started as an off shoot of my parent company in order to entertain my desire for creativity.  The day in day out production of leather products took its toll after 5 years and I had to expand my horizon.

Griffin Leather company was born in 2010

My leather skills were honed in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. The old timers in the area would gather at the small local leather shops on the weekends.  There we would share stories, methods and specifically the ways the old timers were taught traditional leather working.  Those were good times and I learned a great deal about leather working.

I started trying new things, modifying my sewing machine, making some of my own tools.  I began using tools not intended for leather work like a drill press and drum sanders.  This thinking took me in a new direction as well as expanded my creativity dynamically.

Griffin Leather company geared up in 2011 when I decided to do more elaborate work and was inspired by the Bob Basset group and several other artists.  I came up with the idea of a high detail wet formed skull bag or purse.  However with all ideas making it happen was the real challenge.  Over the course of 3 months and quite a few failures my process had developed in order to form leather with high detail.   That process and variants of the this process form the Leather Skull Purse in Ox Blood which has become incredibly popular.

Griffin Leather is a diverse art studio that uses , metal, resin castings and quite a few other materials.  Most of my work is for sale and quite a few are what I call ‘production works’.  They can be reproduced for sale as well as making custom props for film and theater.

Griffin Leather company frequently releases new items and works in progress.

The Association of Workers in Leather (AWL) was founded in 2008.  They are comprised of varied and unique leather workers currently selling on Etsy and I’ve been a member of AWL since 2009.  My Etsy Shop has been an excellent outlet for creative works as well as recognition for my talents.

I continue to look for new ways of doing things and have expanded into working with other materials.  Griffin Leather is currently experimenting with materials like silicone, fiberglass, various resins and plastics, various types of metal and bone.   Being creative has become a lifestyle for me and I hope you enjoy my work.